Book Recommendation: SOLD by Patricia McCormick


“You can’t unknow what you now know.”

A friend reminds me of this truth regularly.  When my dear friend Rachel began ministering to women trapped in prostitution in China, she began a journey into a world I knew nothing about.  “Blissful ignorance” is the phrase that best describes. Today, Rachel is gearing up to move to Cambodia to work full time with women and children exploited by human trafficking and sex tourism.  Along the way, she and her colleagues are traveling the US, sharing the story of the estimated 10,000 to 20,000 women and children trapped in the sex trade in the city of Phnom Penh — and the good news of Jesus Christ to redeem even the deepest wounds with His healing and love.

Rachel recently sent me the Patricia McCormick book SOLD, which follows the story of a twelve year old Nepali girl sold to a brothel in India.  The book was written for a young adult reader — the content is quite a bit milder than you might find in an adult book on the topic.  I read it in one day, hoping against hope that the next page would be better than last.  The story is heart-breaking and terrifyingly real.  According to the US State Department, nearly a half million children are trafficked into the sex trade annually.  SOLD opens an unforgettable window into that world.

Unlike any time before in human history, we can know for sure about grim realities faced in other parts of our world.  Wilberforce and his abolitionists had eye-witness accounts passed from one person to another, Europeans heard rumors about the Nazi death camps, Americans saw footage of the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide — but today, human trafficking is as easy to witness as a google search on the internet.  Blissful ignorance is no longer an option.

Read SOLD.  Follow Rachel’s journey at  If you are in Richmond, come to hear Rachel and her colleagues speak at Stony Point Presbyterian Church the morning of September 18.  Pray.  Ask God to reveal the part He wants you to play in serving as His hands and feet on behalf of the half million women and children trafficked this year.

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