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Sara in Uganda: “…so much of our day would be impossible without her!”

Quick update on…

Sara. The team made it safely to Entebbe, Uganda with no issues or delays (unheard of!). I have only talked to her twice and quite briefly, but we do get daily email updates from different members of the team which are then posted to our church’s website. My favorite quotes about her and the experience so far:

  • “Sara stopp[ed] to talk to one child, then two and three, then twenty gather.  Then she breaks into “Head and shoulders, knees and toes.” And fifty Ugandans no more than six or seven years old crowd her politely, singing soft, sweet words.”
  • “The day when our mini-team went to our first school (just Mr. B, Sara, Woz, and myself), Sara took control by winging together a speech about the word “unconditional.” I was amazed how she just got up there, without notes, and strung together a talk about her family that made sense and was concise!  She’s been a wonderful and majestic Ellie the Eagle every day in Bible Clubs; so much of our day would be impossible without her!” (this one made me cry)
  • “The school is filled with almost 600 children and only 4 teachers. There are few supplies, no school books and hand made notebooks. Some of the children do not even have shoes. Even though to an American, they may seem poor, they are so rich in spirit.”

The home front. The kids and I good. I am stretched with managing Kumveka while taking care of the kiddos (yes, I feed them every day – sometimes even 3 times!), but Week 1 is done with one to go. Exciting days for our ministry around the world! The kids I have enjoyed our time together but everyone is ready for mama-bear to come home…

Pictures below: Several from our adventures at home, Sara with the kids as she departed, and with her team.

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