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“The Swatted Fly”

“The Swatted Fly”

An iambic tetrameter poem by Zach Kennedy

A fly flies into a small house

It loudly buzzed past the man’s spouse

The spouse screamed and grabbed the swatter

She swatted at it — now harder.

And finally, the fly gave in

So there it was, extremely thin.

So thin it could have been paper

Its body gone like clear vapor.

Now that it’s hard as some metal

All flies cry on flower petals.

For their favorite fly is dead

Now the fly moves like it is lead.

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So Much to Do, So Little Time

Zach at State Capitol - Civil Rights

A few photos from the last few weeks of homeschooling … a trip the Virginia State Capitol with a particular emphasis on the grounds and statues, a visit to the newly re-opened and magnificent Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the discovery of a very special creek in a local park.

Kids at Forest Hill Park Stream Bed

We’ve also finished all the required reading on our book list, so thought we’d try to read aloud the entire Chronicles of Narnia in the next four weeks.  Not sure if we’ll find time for algebra and Latin declensions between the talking animals and meaning-laden battle sequences.

For those of you in Richmond, the re-opened art museum is simply stunning (and FREE!).  The exhibit shown below is a must see.  The “wrinkles” in the bill were actually made by ants tunneling through the colored sand.  Really an astonishing piece of art.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - don't miss this incredible exhibit.  The 'wrinkles' you see were actually made by ants.  Each picture is actually colored SAND,  Amazing art.

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