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Life back in the USA

Our physical transition to life in America is nearly complete. We are settling into our little home in Richmond, Virginia. A few photos from the last several weeks (click on any for a larger view):

From upper left:  1)  The morning of the move, us a top our 17 suitcases, 2) Our dear friends awaiting to bid farewell (in the rain!), 3) Noah was re-united with his Other Half, Schafer Bailey, 4) a gathering of friends in GR, 5) Loading of The Truck in GR, 6) our dear friend Keith who went above and beyond to help us, 7) Noah snuggling up to sweet Jenevieve in Akron, 8 ) I finally got to meet my namesake Daniel De Jong, 9) longer story but all the retail in the US is freaking us out, 10) Truckers Dan & Noah, 11) Mia & Hannah playing together in our backyard, 12) Sara delighted beyond belief, 13) Sara with her mom and Hannah in our future garden, 14) a special place – Maymont Park in Richmond, 15) the kids in the gazebo where Sara and I were engaged, 16) Sara and I at Maymont in front of greens and blues like we have never seen (or appreciated!) before.

For a plethora of pictures you can follow these links:
Last Day in Tianjin

First Days in the USA

Exploring Maymont Park in Richmond

— Dan


Until We Meet Again

Community.  Friendship.  Fellowship.

Here are just a few photos, with more to come, of the people and places we are leaving in six days (you can see the full gallery and descriptions by clicking here).  Thank goodness that in Him, this is only “see you later” and never really “goodbye”.

From upper left:  Dan with co-workers,  our international fellowship, our dear friend Neo, our new friend Talha, Eliza & Benjamin (and family), Zach and his buddies, Hannah and Elizabeth, and the four Kennedy kiddos – may they never forget what an amazing place China is and the depth of friendships we forged here.  Our hope is that we are all changed forever.

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