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Chinese-English-Southern Language

Pictured above (English names): Daisy, Poppy, Krist, Flora, Leo, Spark, Sara, Johnny, Shawn and Tony.

This is a picture of my wonderful Business English class on our last day together.  We had an amazing time of learning from one another this year — what a fantastic, ambitious, motivated group of future Chinese leaders!

We also wrapped up our formal Chinese lessons after three years of two hours each week learning this most challenging, but important global language.  Thanks to Gao Laoshi, Liu Laoshi, Shi Ayi, Wei Wei, Xiang Xiang and many other dear friends for your patience and kindness as we slaughtered your language on a weekly basis.  We will never forget you (though we may forget many of the words you gave us!).

Finally, I returned home after a week in Virginia to a husband who already noticed a slight southern twang in my words.  What can I say?  I’m a Virginia girl going home.

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Watato was here!

What do you get when Ugandan children, visit China and sing to kids from Korea, Japan, Holland, Australia, Japan, America, England, and France (just to name a few)?

Watato Children’s Choir at Tianjin International School!  For just a taste, you can view this slideshow or watch this video:  Watato @ TIS.  It was truly incredible!

– Dan

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Come to Xi’an with us!

For the Kennedy family’s last great adventure in China (for awhile at least!) we took the kids to the ancient city of Xi’an.  While the 2000 year old Terra Cotta Warriors were impressive (see below), the kids’ favorite part was the 13 hour overnight train both ways!  Click on this link to ‘come along’ via slideshow!

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