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Kennedys in Southern China – Day 2: Sailing the Li

Our second full day in southern China. Today we journeyed to the city of Xingping where we took two small bamboo rafts in the rain up river for about an hour. They dropped us on this ‘island’ where we were lovingly accosted for about 30 minutes to buy fruit and fried fish, then we headed back. A full day!

– Dan

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Find out if we ate any of this:

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Kennedys in Southern China – Day 1: Watch Out Chickens!

Today was our first day China’s southern city of Yangshou.  Not only did the kids get to do Chicken Chasing, but the scenery and fresh air were amazing.  More pictures at


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Harvest Party: English Club Style!

Group photo: If you look closely, you might find Zach and Noah towards the front

Before events to celebrate Christmas completely take over our blog, we wanted to share a few fun pictures from last month’s Harvest Party at a local university’s English Club.   The AA (Ascent and Ardor) English Club offers university students the opportunity to practice their oral English with real live foreigners (us!).  All university students must pass English competency exams to graduate – but without native speakers to teach or coach, the students have to rely on TV programs and movies from the West to learn proper pronunciation and rhythm.

Our company provides transportation each week to the university for those who are able to attend Sunday night English club.  The students are eager to learn – and though many are reticent to speak in front of a foreigner, over time they come to trust us enough to “lose face” by making mistakes in order to learn.

Great friendships and conversations of Significance have started with many AA students.  We are so blessed to be a small part of their learning and growing.

Photos: Students enjoying large group games – these hours of fun are such a relief to these hard-working young men and women.  We especially appreciate the opportunity for our kids to use their gifts (English and friendliness) to bless our Chinese friends.