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‘Good Times’ in Grand Rapids


The adventure continues!

We just finished Week 4 of 5 of our visit to the US. These pictures cover our trip through Grand Rapids (granted 3 cities ago – but we are trying!). Gallery posted at We have loved seeing friends and family, but admit to being absolutely exhausted.
We were asked in Grand Rapids: “where is home?”. A fitting question for this experience. Sara, being quite wise, responded perfectly. I paraphrase: “‘Home’ is a bit more complicated now. Our ‘cultural home’ is in America. We are certainly more comfortable here. But our ‘family home’, for this season in our lives, in is China. We miss it. It is where our hearts are. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.”


Photos Galore from Virginia, Ohio & Michigan!


Greetings from the road!

The kids have started asking each morning “where are we going today?”. What an odd thing to spend 5 weeks in a country we have not been in for 10 months, seeing dozens of family and dear friends, in 6 different cities.

We have taken tons of photos, so I posted several albums online (from Virginia, Akron & our friends the Baileys). You’ll notice I have become fond of action shots… Click on this link for lots more –

– Dan



Addendum: Back in the USA

So truly the highlight from our time in the Newark airport during our 6 hour delay, was Hannah (3) breaking out into “God is so good” amongst our traveling angst (around 1 am).  She, of course, was right.


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