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Dad’s Day in VA

Sara, her sisters and her mom spent the day shopping in actual Western stores. The dads and the eight kids lived it up!


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Northern Virginia Weekend


What an amazing way to begin our trip! Sara, Hannah and I journeyed to Alexandria, Virginia where we lived from 1997 through 2000. It was great to connect with many old friends. The highlight was a ‘special ceremony’ for Hannah with our Pastor who held the same ceremony for Zachary when he was first born. Special thanks to Chris and Sara Sicks for their fantastic hospitality!

Meanwhile, Zach, Noah & Mia loved playing with their cousins in Richmond.


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Back in the USA

Greetings from Virginia, local time is 4:59 A.M. Ah, how jet lag provides extra family and blog time! Currently not asleep: Zach, Noah, Mia and Hannah (and Dad).

Highlights from our voyage:

  • The longest birthday ever: due to the time change, Noah spent 36 hours turning 6 on June 21st!
  • A bonus 1-hour viewing of the Beijing airport from the cozy comfort of our coach seats
  • FREE unplanned 6-hour “Get To Know Newark’s Gate B-107A”
  • Best site to see after our 28-hour journey at 4 A.M.: FAMILY!!!

We are thankful to be safely here. Now if I can just convince my kids that is really is night-time…

Noah with his near-twin double-first cousin Katie (born 2 weeks apart).


Saying goodbye, for awhile…

Before our trip to the US, we had the chance to spend time with some of our dear Chinese friends…




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Le Babade Tien (roughly, Happy Father’s Day!)

What a great day! Father’s Day, China-style…

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Breakfast in Bed (chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate milk!) and given LOTS of kid-made cards. Then off to Fellowship (including the standard passport check. Later on… MAN NIGHT! We enjoyed savory meat on a stick and bread from the street and introduced them to a classic Man Movie – SW Episode 4 (thank you Jeff!)

100_4568.jpg 100_4569.jpg


Kindergarten Graduation

100_5928.JPGOne week ago, Noah graduated from Kindergarten. The ceremony was (as it should be) terribly cute. Wearing paper mortar boards with paper tassels and white gowns, the class processed in to “Pomp and Circumstance”. Each graduate shared their favorite thing about kindergarten (lunch and PE were favorites), then sang two songs. Noah’s class led with a song in both English and German (their Canadian teacher is from German descent and taught them many fun things about Canadian and German culture). The students also learned to sing “Happy Birthday” in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, and of course English. Unfortunately for our photos, Noah was sporting approximately 20 mosquito bites on his face at the time. All in all, a wonderful celebration of a great kindergarten year.


The graduating class with their teachers/Noah and his two best friends Kendall and Grace/Noah and his proud sisters


Noah W. Smith

My son Noah (5.9 years old) is ever the wonder. All day long he talked about making up a praise song and writing it down. Right before dinner, on his own, he did. He taught it to the family tonight before we ate. At the end, Zach said: “Maybe one day Christians all over the world might sing that song Noah!”. He might be right. Out of this world proud…


Video (Note regarding Noah’s face: a swarm of mosquitoes raided the boys room last night. Noah was apparently delicious…)

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A little girl named Rosie

Please read the May 26 post (far right column) of these dear friends in our community. Please keep this family and Rosie in your thoughts…

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